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About Audra

I grew up poor in a small, rural town in Louisiana. From the time I was small, I knew I wanted more choices. With hard work and dedication, I was able to put myself through college. My aspirations guided me to graduate and start my career in Occupational Therapy.

North Carolina seemed to offer wonderful opportunities.

I moved to North Carolina in 2006 and soon after became an Apex resident, and I really enjoy living here!  My love is for the small town feel and the big city amenities. It's convenient to shopping, entertainment, educational opportunities, programs for children, good schools, sports, concerts, camping.  It is even situated perfectly between the beach and the mountains.  

I am a wife to a wonderful husband who is a business executive; a mother to two great children; a "bonus mom" to two great stepdaughters.  All of our kids attend Apex public schools.  

I have a new goal. After the last several elections I realized no one can more accurately represent us than someone who listens, wants solutions, and has vision for the future.

After watching the impact that government can have on us, I realized that I must contribute. I want to make a difference. What better place to start than locally, in my own community?  

I make a commitment to always be honest, to be available to hear your thoughts, to put our town first, and to work toward keeping our town a wonderfully diverse, inclusive place to live and raise a family.  My plan is to work on the Apex Town Council to support its residents and keep it one of the most vibrant, progressive, and enjoyable places to live in all of North Carolina. 

Personal interests

I love music, play the piano, and enjoy crocheting.  I am also an avid reader, leaning toward science and educational books.  I am passionate about healthcare and environmental issues. Of course, I enjoy politics and the political process.

The picture of Audra above shows her knocking on a door to canvass.

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