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While Apex has done well compared to many communities, we can go even further to provide long term planning and vision for our community.  Our goal should be to encourage local job growth thereby increasing tax revenue and allowing for a broad tax base and increased budget while keeping personal taxes low to keep a vibrant community. That more diverse tax base will help to keep tax contributions level despite economic fluctuations. Residential construction will continue to fuel Apex's growth and that should include affordable housing and rental properties.



Let's engage in smart planning to create convenient commutes. Enjoyable city parks, safe streets, and pleasant walkways are a vital part of what makes Apex great.  Let's protect our natural resources while allowing for growth and development. 


With our growing town, one of the major concerns is our transportation needs over the decade. Most people who live in Apex do not work here. The only option currently is driving or a rare bus route. I would like to explore more options for transportation including light rail, increased bus routes, and expansion of current major roads.


Stormwater Runoff

One problem brought to my attention is stormwater runoff in some areas of the town. I would support measures to reduce stormwater runoff including low impact development, leaving as many trees and natural plants, rain gardens, pervious asphalt, adding to our tree canopy, and strategically managed water flow.


Safety for Pedestrians

We need to make our town a safe place for people to walk - to school, to the store, to downtown. 


Personal Values

I believe in community, compassion, and commitment to our town.  I believe that our government should accurately represent the diversity of our population. All residents should have a voice in their government. I will be that voice.


Committee to Elect Audra Killingsworth
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